Home of Peace


Eshet chayil mi yimtza
verachok mip’ninim michrah
batach bah lev ba’alah
veshalal lo yech’sar.
Gemalat’hu tov ve’lo ra
kol yemei (yemei) chayeiha
darshah tzemer ufish’tim
vata’as bechefetz kapeiha

Haytah ka’oniot socher
mimerchak tavi lach’mah
vetakam be’od lailah
vatiten teref leveitah
vechok lena’aroteiha
zam’mah sadeh vatikachehu
mipri chapeiha nat’ah karem
chag’rah be’oz motneiha
vate’ametz zro’oteiha.

Who can find a wife of valourFor her worth is far above jewelsHer husband has full confidence in herAnd lacks no value.She brings him good, not harm,All the days of her lifeShe selects wool and flaxAnd works with eager handsShe is like the merchant ships,She brings her food from afar.She gets up while it is still nightShe gives food for her familyAnd portions for her servant girlsShe considers a field and takes itBy the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard She works by the strength of her own hips Her arms are strong for her tasks